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Somfy WT Motors with inis uno


Hoping someone can help me in English as I do not know much French.

I am currently installing Somfy WT motors in a house and am trying to understand how the inis uno wall switch works. The installation is in Australia.

I have attached the wiring diagram from the Somfy website.

I understand that pressing the up button energises the up input on the motor and the down button energises the down input on the motor. Mechanical limit for the blind motor is on the blind itself.

Can someone please confirm the following:

1. Do you have to hold the up or down button to make the blind go up or down? Or do you just press it once and walk away?

2. If you have to hold it, what is the point of the middle button which is apparently a stop button?

3. If you do not have to hold it, then the switch must internally latch and keep power on the up or down input, even after the motor has hit the mechanical limit switch (i.e. the blind has gone all the way up or down?). Can someone confirm?

Thank you

Sam B.
Sam B.

Sam B.

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    1) a short press is enough to open and close the blind

    2) The central button is used to stop

    3) brief press on up and down causes movement to the stop.
    If you wish to stop before the stops, you must briefly press the central stop button.

    Best regard

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