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Izymo Roller Shutter 1822660: Wrong end positions and no feedback


i'm trying to get my Izymo Roller Shutter 1822660 properly working but got 2 problems:

#1 Wrong end positions
#2 No feedback

The biggest problem is that the Izymo Receiver always only powers my shutter motor for a maximum of 30 seconds. However my shutter motor needs 40 seconds from up to down position. So i always have to press down / up twice to get it fully closed or fully opeend.
How can i adjust this? I already tried everything written in the manual (including wired scontrol stuff) or posted in this forum but nothing helped.

2nd problem is that i get no posistion feedback at all, however i guess this is connected to the wrong end positions.

Anyone who could help please?

Kay S.
Kay S.

Kay S.

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    Good Morning Kay,

    I confirm that the 2nd problem is linked to the 1st problem. As long as the shutter couldn't realize 2 complete cylce, the Izymo doesn't send Feedback.

    According to the reaction of your Izymo it seems to be defective and needs to be replace. For that you have to contact your seller or installator.


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